How to Cut Mitered Butt Joints in Wood

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  • Intermediate
  • 0-800
What You'll Need
Wood glue and nails
Compound miter saw
Protective overalls and gloves

Butt joints are one of the many joints used to fasten pieces of wood together. They are purely functional as opposed to other types of joints. They add additional strength, which secures the wood work even better.

Step 1 - Take Measurements

For clean cuts, use a compound miter saw as precision is very key with butt joints. Determine the final angle of the joint and divide it by two. For square connections which are typically 90 degrees, a 45 degree cut should be made on both pieces of wood.

Step 2 - Join Wood Pieces

Start by dry fitting the cut joints to ensure a proper fit. Secure the two boards by applying strong wood glue. It is advisable to use more woodworking glue if the joint is on the porous side of the glue.

Step 3 - Nail

To strengthen the joint, secure it together using nails. Brads or screws can also be used. It is easy to nail through soft wood. However, pre-drill hardwoods to make nailing or screwing easy. It also preserves the wood by preventing splitting.