How to Cut Porcelain Tile

What You'll Need
Manual tile cutter
Tape measure
Porcelain tile

Trying to cut porcelain tile on your own is not at all as daunting as it seems. While porcelain tiles can be fragile, any do-it-yourself enthusiast can easily get through the task of cutting them neatly. The secret lies with the type of cutting equipment used. With just the right saw, you will be able to cut any porcelain tile like a pro.

Step 1 - Create Your Workstation

Find a space where you can safely work on cutting the tile. The space should be large enough to contain all your cutting equipment and the tiles. Likewise, it should be large enough for you to move freely.

Step 2 - Make Measurements

Measure the area on the tile where you need to make cuts using the tape measure. Mark with a pencil. This will help you make the right cuts on the tile.

Step 3 -  Start Cutting

Position the tile on the manual cutter. To prevent it from moving or sliding during the cutting process, prop it against the tilestop. Score the tile by slightly pushing the cutter handle over it. This should create a small indentation on the tile's surface. Once scored, press the cutter hard on the tile to completely make the cut.

There is no need to apply too much force to neatly cut porcelain tile. To make a really clean cut, only medium pressure needs to be applied.