How to Cut Sheet Metal Roofing

What You'll Need
Tin Snips
Gloves and Safety Gear
Carpenters Pencil
Horse Stand
Metal Roof Panels
Sharp Razor Knife
Measuring Tape

Sheet metal roofing is used to make roofs in snowy areas because metal is a good conductor as well as a good radiator of heat. Steel metal roofing is also very durable and inexpensive. Mountainous regions have an increasing demand of steel metal roofing, but professional installers are scarce. This makes it important to learn a bit about steel metal roof cutting. This material is best for making a shed roof to handle snowfall problems.

Step 1- Setting up Cutting Stand

First of all, take a horse stand and adjust it in such a way that it can support and fasten long metal roof panels. Adjust it in the middle of the area so that there is more space left for work.

Step 2- Fastening the Horse Stand

Take the metal roof panel and put it on the horse stand. Apply the brakes, which are present at the side of the horse stand, so that metal roof panel is locked in place and would not move while cutting. Before cutting, exercise necessary precautions for avoiding small cuts, which can be caused by mishandling. This includes wearing long leather gloves, goggles for the eye protection, and safety gear for body protection.

Step 3- Cutting

Now it is time for cutting steel metal roofing. Take the carpenter’s pencil and mark a straight line on the metal roof panel. This will allow you to cut in a straight line, lessening chances of flawed cutting. Take a tin snip and cut the metal roof pannel. Cutting metal roof panel is not an easy job. It requires a lot of strength. If it is not possible to cut it completely with tin snips, bend it up and down to break it into two. Tin snips allow fine and straight cutting without damaging the galvanized surface of metal roof panel. If the galvanized surface is damaged, the metal rusts very quickly and needs replacement.

Step 4- Cutting the Locks

Now we have to cut the locks using a razor sharp knife. You need to cut the metal roof panel at an angle so that the locks can be adjusted. The slant will help the latches fit perfectly. Use a knife that is very strong and sharp to allow smooth cutting. Locks are of two types: a single or double lock. A single lock is one in which the whole lock is cut off from one side. A double lock has a rectangle shaped small piece that is cut, leaving two latches above and below in perfect alignment. One side is prepared first to make the process easily manageable. Cut a single lock utilizing one side. Make a double lock figure on the other side, resulting in a latch-like shape protruding outward so that it can be bent around the rib. Use extra precaution while carrying out this procedure; any mistake can lead to material and time wastage. The most important part of a steel metal roof is the top galvanized surface. During the whole procedure there should be an emphasis on keeping it protected. Wrong cutting would lead to a bare surface without protection that is liable to rust away.

Step 5- Finishing up

After the roof is cut and adjusted, the final step is to provide a protective layer to the freshly cut roof. Layer the roof with high quality gloss paint so that the roof is protected for longer. Painting the roof adds immensely to the beauty of the house.