How to Cut Tin Backsplash Tiles

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A tin backsplash is an old-world look that can add a lot of value to your kitchen and your home. The tin backsplash is completely waterproof and rustproof making it an ideal material to use. Especially if you want more elegance than what traditional tile will give you. As you are installing a tin backsplash you may have to cut the tin tiles so that they fit behind the sink and counter area. The article that follows will explain how to properly and easily cut the tiles for the tin backsplash.

Measure and Mark the Tiles

In order to properly cut the tiles for the tin backsplash you first need to accurately measure the space that the cut tiles will be attached to. Use the ruler to measure the remaining space. When you are installing a tin backsplash you always start at the bottom using full tiles and then work up. The space that remains is what needs to be measured. Dry fit the tin tiles to match the design up with the tiles already installed. Transfer the measurement you took to the tin tiles using the ruler and the erasable marker.

Bend the Tiles

When cutting the tiles for the tin backsplash it is always easier to cut them when they are bent. This gives you a clear line to cut along the tin tiles. The woodblock gives you the perfect edge to bend the tile on. Place the tin tile on the woodblock and make sure you line up the line you drew on the tile with the edge of the woodblock. You can use your hand to bend the tin tile but this can be hard to do. The other way is to use the mallet to hammer it along the line. Regardless of which method you choose to do you should always wear work gloves.

The edge of the tin is very sharp and can cause a lot of damage to your skin. With the tin tile on the block and lined up you can begin to bend it. Hold the tile down with one hand while pushing down or hammer down on the overhang. Continue until the tin tile is creased and flushed with the edge of the wooden block. Do not attempt to bend the lip back up as this will bend other portions of the tile.

Cut the Tin Tile

Cutting the tile for the tin backsplash is relatively simple after the overhang is bent and flush to the woodblock. Keep the work gloves on and then remove the tile from the block. Use the tin snips to slowly cut along the crease until the overhang is removed. Inspect the tile and make adjustments as needed to make it a straight line without flaws. Repeat this process for each tile you need to cut for the tin backsplash.