How to Cut Under Door Jambs with an Undercut Saw

What You'll Need
Undercut Saw
Wood flooring

One of the most important and efficient tool in construction and woodworking is the undercut saw. Being an upside down circular saw, it actually serves several purposes. But perhaps the most important use of the undercut saw is the cutting of the flooring or trimming the jamb of a door so that it will fit into the existing flooring. Trimming is often done in various cases including instances when carpets are used to replace the solid floor. Although most people may perceive cutting of under door jambs with an undercut saw difficult, this task however can be done by any other ordinary adult. Here are some steps you can follow to accomplish this.

Step 1 - Mark the Area to Be Cut

Identify the area as well as the size of the door jamb to be removed. Do this by placing a piece of flooring on one side of the door jamb and run a pencil on top of the flooring to leave a mark on the door jamb. This is very important so that the precise positioning of the blade and the cut to be made will be congruent. This will also save time and effort to those who will be doing the cut. Aside from precision, it will also ensure that only the section that needs to be removed will be removed and that no extra piece of the door jamb will be eradicated. Consequently, there would be no need to rectify cutting mistakes should the first cut done was too small or worse if the cut made was too big.

Step 2 - Position the Blade before Cutting and Adjust the Height of the Saw

Based on the mark on the door jamb, you may now position the undercut saw on the flooring but with its blade facing the mark on the door jamb. If the standing height of the blade is too low or too high, you should adjust the blade so that it will fit the appropriate height prior to cutting.

Step 3 - Begin Cutting by Depressing the Trigger

Once the height of the blade and the mark on the door jamb complements each other, you may now depress the saw’s trigger. Consequently, you start spinning the blade along the pencil line and start cutting through the section of the door jamb that will be removed.  Do this until you have cut through the entire pencil line length.

Step 4 - Check if the Cut Fits

Once finish with cutting, you can now check on the cut made if it now fits with the required height. This can be done by allowing a piece of flooring wood to slide under the area where the cut on the door jamb was made. If the flooring wood slides through the space below the door jamb, then the cut made was perfect. But, if the flooring wood did not slide through, it is recommended that the height of the undercut saw be raised to about 1/32 inches higher than the previous height used during the first cut. Once done, recheck again by sliding the same flooring wood under the new cut made.