How to Cut Vinyl Fencing

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What You'll Need
Vinyl fencing
Tape measuring
Chalk line
Circular saw
Saw blade with fine teeth
Duct tape

Vinyl fencing adds value to your home while providing privacy. Installing vinyl fencing is not difficult. Vinyl fencing can be found in kits that are already sized but you can also purchase it in panels. Vinyl panels will often be too tall for your needs and if this is the case you'll have to cut them. This is not a difficult job to do but it does take time and care to do it without damaging the vinyl. The article below will show you how.

Step 1 - Measure the Vinyl Fencing

Go to the location in your yard where you plan to install the vinyl fencing and use the measuring tape to determine the height that you want the fence to be. Keep in mind that when you install vinyl fencing you have to place the posts in the ground deeper than wood or metal posts. This extra depth has to be figured out prior to measuring the fence. Use the measurements and transfer them to the fence pieces using the chalk line so that you can easily decipher the line to be cut. Leave an extra half inch to account for the rail hangers.

Step 2 - Set up the Cut

circular saw

Vinyl fencing is often hollow, making cutting it difficult when using a circular saw regardless of the teeth on the blade. As the teeth bite in to the vinyl they cause it to shake and vibrate. This can result in the vinyl splitting and cracking. In order to prevent this from happening you have to keep the pieces steady. Place the first piece to be cut on the work area. With it in place you can then mount one 2 by 4 on each side to sandwich the vinyl piece. This will keep the vinyl piece in place.

Step 3 - Make the Cut

Even though the vinyl pieces are in place and secure they can still shred and be ripped apart. Line the chalk line up with the blade guide. Make sure your hands are nowhere near the blade and then turn it on. Once the blade has come to full speed gradually bring it down to the vinyl. Place your hand on the vinyl to secure it (far from the blade) and let the blade do the work as it is lowered to the vinyl. Do not rush the cut but keep the blade in motion so that it doesn’t destroy the vinyl. Continue in this fashion until you are completely through the piece you are working on. Continue cutting through the vinyl fence pieces until they are all cut and ready to be installed.

Step 4 - Finish Up

You have to be careful when you install vinyl fencing that has been cut as even the slightest crack can cause the fence to be destroyed. Use duct tape to wrap the bottom of the pieces to be placed in the ground and also gently sand the cut edges.