How to Cut Vinyl Flooring Tiles

tile-look vinyl flooring

Whenever you lay vinyl flooring in your kitchen or bathroom, you will always need to cut some tiles to fit around cabinets, pillars or doorways. Learn some ways to make cutting vinyl floor tiles easier, neater and safer for yourself.

1. Vinyl Composition Tile Cutter

If you are installing laminate flooring in a large kitchen or basement recreation area, rent a special cutter for vinyl tile. It has an L-shaped platform and measuring guides for accurate cuts. The sharp sliding cutter will slice through 9- or 12-inch tiles, and also cuts tiles diagonally.

2. Utility Knife

Husky utility knives

Practice using a straight-edged metal ruler and a utility knife before you start the job. Warm the tile with a heat gun before cutting till it is flexible in your hands, then lay it down on a warm flat surface and cut with firm, steady pressure on the utility knife. Change the utility knife's blade frequently to keep from snagging or shredding the tile.

3. Miter Saw

If you are cutting a single long angle, you can make cuts using a miter saw or chop saw.

Tip: Minimize the Amount of Tile Cutting

Plan your tile layout on paper before you start placing tile on the floor. A well-planned layout starting in one corner helps you use mostly full-sized tiles. You may have to cut just a few near a doorway or against the lower cupboard base.