How to Cut with Lathe Chisels

What You'll Need
Lathe Chisels
Bench Grinder
Safety glasses and gloves

Using lathe chisels is a common part of woodworking projects and related crafts. Craftsmanship and expertise is an important part of the correct use of any tool. Apart from this, here are a few guidelines which will guide you in the best ways to handle lathe chisels for your cutting jobs.

Step 1: Safety First

Be careful and handle them with care. Always wear safety glasses and protective gloves.

Step 2: Prepare the Wood

Make sure that the piece of wood which you have to cut is properly fastened. This will ensure best results and also help in safe handling.

Step 3: Prepare the Lathe Chisels

The tips of the lathe chisels need to be properly sharpened to ensure best results. So, make sure that if you have not sharpened them recently, you do so with a bench grinder. It may also help to lubricate them with some metal polish or oil.

Step 4: The Process

The cutting process with lathe chisels relies on the focal aspect that you need to move slowly and apply just enough pressure with every stroke. Pressure should always be increased within a reasonable amount and always kept under control. While the piece of wood is spinning, you have to make sure that you are cutting in such a way that the wood is being shaped according to your needs or wishes.

Use the smaller chisels for cutting the more intricate or detailed parts. The wood will start forming or indenting according to the type of form the chisel has. Keep moving it gently back and forth until you achieve the extent of cut and shape you require.