How To Cut Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is a very thin piece of actual wood that is used to cover other wood to provide a more elegant look. It gives the impression that the whole piece of wood is of the same material as the veneer.

Wood veneer is usually used to cover wood like plywood, pressed board, particle board and other composite board. It is usually cut from expensive woods like mahogany, bird's eye maple, redwood, teak and other exotic woods.

While it is very thin—approximately 1/8-inch—it is real wood. Because it is so thin, cutting it requires care and precision.

Score with Utility Knife

After you have sized the wood veneer to your project, you can cut it down to size by scoring the back with utility knife. Make sure the blade is sharp. Run it back across the back side a few times and it should cut right through.

Use a Small Rotary Saw

A variable speed rotary saw can make quick cuts in the veneer without it splitting or splintering. Make sure you have a solid work surface and that the veneer is tight before you cut.