How to Determine What Size Brake Rotors to Use in Your Car

One of the parts that you must replace in a car with lots of use is the brake rotors. The rotors are the part that the actual brake pad compresses onto in order to stop the vehicle. When the brake rotors are pitted or have grooves in them, you will need to replace them for consistent braking. Finding what proper size rotors to use is something you should need to know when you replace them.

Sizes Stamped on Rotor

If the rotor has not been worn down too much, you will be able to see the size stamped right on the rotor itself. It will be in millimeters and usually on the wheel side of the rotor.

Measure Diameter of Used Rotor

Another way to get a good idea of the size of rotor you will need for your vehicle is to measure the diameter of the used rotor. This will give you a fairly accurate reading.

Brake Rotors FAQ

Does it matter what size rotors you need?

There is a lot of discussion surrounding rotor size and vehicles. On a motorcycle with disc brakes, larger rotors can provide better braking performance.

However, bigger rotors weigh more. This can affect the way a vehicle stops and accelerates, as the engine will have to use more power to make heavier rotors stop.

You should always use the manufacturer-recommended size for rotors because rotors are paired with brake pads. If the rotors are not sized correctly, the brake pads will to make contact and your brakes will not function the way they should.

You want your brakes to function optimally at times, the way they were designed to work. To do otherwise is to put yourself in danger.

What are common rotor sizes?

Rotor sizes vary greatly because wheel size varies greatly. Rotors are used on small compact cars and they are used on large industrial trucks.

The size of rotors depends entirely on the car manufacturer and the size of the vehicle, though it is common for rotors to fall within the 10-inch to 14-inch range.

Can you change rotor size?

You can use a different rotor size than the recommended rotors for the vehicle, but it is unsafe for you to do so.

How do I find the rotor size on a VIN number?

The rotor size you need for a vehicle is not included on the VIN. However, you can find out the rotor size by looking up the make and model of the car.

What are the symptoms of a bad rotor?

Bad rotors can create a number of different symptoms. You may notice a vibration in the steering wheel or a sort of pulsating sensation.

You may also hear high-pitched noises when you apply the brakes on the vehicle. The vehicle may take a long time to stop or may make loud noises when you’re using the brakes.