How to Decorate a Pegboard Wall

What You'll Need
Pegboard pegs
Pegboard hooks
Graph paper

Decorating a pegboard wall is a straightforward process that requires a little time and thought, but not any skill in particular. However, to get the most out of your pegboard storage area, considering the shape and number of tools that will be hung can go a long way in getting the most use out of the pegboard. 

Step 1: Make a Drawing of the Pegboard

It may help if you first draw out the pegboard on a piece of paper. Pegboard is a grid, so graph paper works well for this exercise. Once you are finished drawing out the grid, draw out peg placement for the various tools or supplies you have to hang. Draw lightly with the pencil so mistakes are easy to correct. If you have a lot of tools or other things to hang, this will save you time so you don’t have to hang things just to change them around later. 

Step 2: Heavier Tools to the Bottom

Position heavier tools towards the bottom of the pegboard panel. They are supported up top as well, but they have less distance to fall if they are closer to the bottom. 

Step 3: Find the Center of Gravity of Oddly-Shaped Tools

Some tools are fairly obvious to hang such as a hammer. Two pegs, one under the claw and one under the head with enough space between them for the handle is all you need. Other tools such as a power drill require a little more trial and error. Tools or goods that don’t have weight equally distributed may require you to find their center of gravity and position pegs accordingly. 

Step 4: Don’t Waste Space

If you only have a few tools to hang on a large pegboard, you can afford to give each tool excess room. If, however, there are many tools to hang, don’t waste any space. Allot each tool enough space to hang with impairment, but fill in the space around it. A well-used pegboard is a huge space saver.  

Step 5: Minimize the Pegs You Use for Each Tool

If you can use two pegs to hang one tool, don’t use three. While you can always buy more pegs to make up for the shortfall, the more you use for each tool, the harder it can be sometimes to remove the tool from the wall. The idea is to secure the tools to the pegboard without hindering their removal for subsequent use. Less is more when hanging tools from pegboard provided the tool is supported adequately. 

Step 6: Don’t Hang Overly Heavy Tools

While a power drill is okay, don’t try to hang your circular saw from your pegboard. At some point, a tool should be considered too heavy to hang. Too much weight can put undue stress on the mounts and warp the drywall supporting the board if not the board itself.