How to Decorate an L-Shaped Concrete Patio

Decorating an L-shaped concrete patio can be a challenge, but with a few tips, you can make it a wonderful extended space for your home. You’ll need to be certain if it is newly poured, that you have let it cure for about a month before covering any area of the concrete. After that time, you’ll be ready to start planning your space.

The best way to address the space is from the ground up. If your concrete patio is in ready to go condition, the first choice you will need to make is how to decorate the concrete itself. You can paint your cured concrete with any color of your choosing. There are endless possibilities here. Be sure that you have the correct paint for the project though, as anything other than porch/concrete paint will not hold for long. Also, if you do paint, know that the concrete breathes and moisture evaporates through it, so you may have to touch up the paint on occasion. If you would rather not deal with touch ups, the alternative would be outside rugs. These look like indoor rugs, and again, the choices are endless with new fiber technology. You are able to create an oasis of your choice in any shape, size, and color! After this decision has been made, you can move on to accessories, such as furniture, lighting, and placement.

All great patios have a grill of course, and you will also need seating. There is an array of outdoor furniture in all price points. Be sure that you buy enough seating to accommodate your needs for the space. If you plan to use your patio for barbeques and get-togethers, you will want to have a dining area where your family and friends can enjoy meals and conversation. You can also buy cushions for the chairs, and coordinating pillows in practically any pattern for your seating. Again, be sure the coverings are made for outdoor furniture. The fabric for outdoor use is also available if you are crafty and would like to make your own. This is a lot less expensive. A coordinating tablecloth and place mats and an extra punch as well. After you have made these decisions, you’ll be ready for placement and accessories.

With an L shape, balance is very important. Place your grill on one end, along with a small table for utensils, and food. On the other end, place your seating area. Keeping each end balanced will give you a comfortable room like feeling, and the design will look best. In between, scatter some other dynamics such as plants, additional seating, candles or other lighting, such as tiki torches, and any ceramics or other outdoor décor that matches your color scheme and theme. Just be sure to keep a flow and not to over clutter. Just keep in mind to balance. If you have some items on one side, balance it with something of the same height on the other side. Your space is now beautifully decorated. Invite some friends over and enjoy your new space!