How to Decorate an Old World Style Room

What You'll Need
Carved End Tables
Oil Paintings or Painting Posters
Stained Glass
Wooden or Wraught Iron Chairs

An old world style interior decor entails embellishing habitat in an elegant manner. Your room will look extremely attractive if it is decorated with unique European antiques, exquisite pieces, and beautiful ornate carvings. This style combines feminine as well as masculine traits of interest. The arched windows, wrought iron and metal style furniture and other Elizabathen age artifacts make it a sought after visitation sight. There are certain things you can do to create an old world era. You can get plenty of pointers by getting a know how of the Renaissance and Shakespearian age lifestyle.

Step 1 – Color Scheme

The decided color combination should be unfathomable, rich and imperial, but at the same time it should give a softer tone to give timeworn effect. Popular colors are maroon, navy blue, dark olive green, ocher and beige. You should use these colors in the texture paint to give your walls a complete look.

Step 2 – Accents

The next step is to bring in the delicate contrast in your room; you may use refined surface on the terracotta jars and a timeless quality fame of wrought iron. The other important feature can create ambiance of the Old world style namely, introduction of Aubusson rugs, woven tapestries and gold painted accessories. The color and textures of rugs ought to be in harmony with your walls and the upholstery.

Step 3 – Accessories and Fabric

You need to have the faceting in form of huge scrolls, floral patterns, multifaceted tapestry styles, small prints and long stripes put on cotton and gentle shades of radiant silks. Accessories like fringe, beaded trim and tassels demonstrate the multi-layered look.

 Step 4 - Structural Design

Use coarse hewn beams and lining, to decorate the ceilings, which provide textural stability to the room. Wooden arched doorways and windows are another important feature of this specific style.

Step 5 - Furnishings

Furniture is a very important part of the décor. Traditional style décor involves mysterious tainted furnishings. Use comfortable sofas with lush and soft seats. Contemporary sofas remind of the old world style with proper use of such kind of upholstery; traditional settees can be used and may have cane seating and the carved frames or cushions, and a rush seats or the simple rustic frame.

Step 6 – Carved tables

Use a shady tainted dining table and matching chairs for your dining room. Chairs with hand engraved wood framework, or Gothic style chairs goes well with the required style.  You must use dark color and textured upholstery to complete this look.

Step 7 – Other Accessories and Flooring

Use beautiful lamps made up of either stone or bronze,with metal finish. They ought to look very old to add the impact of belonging to a museum. You may utilize the old oak torso or the Italian style trunk with the gold and silver engravings for your center table or a low chest such as a coffee table. Use marble or unpolished granite and add a tapestry style rug. You can use sisal for a primitive impact in the room. Buy a stained glass kit from a crafts store  and replace the glass on windows of your room. Cover the windows of your room with thick and heavy tapestries. Add pictures and portraits to your walls to complete the look.