How to Decorate Arched Windows

exterior view of arched window
  • 1-20 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-600
What You'll Need
Curtain rod

Arched windows can pose problem for window treatments. The shape isn’t conducive to drapes, but you can make the arch work for you.

Step 1 - Drapes

You can emphasize the arch by having a curtain rod at the top of the arch (use dark metal for emphasis) and then hang the drapes from it. Have the tieback at the bottom of the arch, where it straightens to the vertical. This draws the eye to the arch.

You can also have the curtain rod at the bottom of the arch with the tieback close to the sill level. This emphasizes the arch in a different way and brings in extra light at the top of the window. If you put in a swag that just touches the upper trim of the arched windows you’ll show off the curve of the window, and you can use a sheer drape for privacy.

Step 2 - Blinds

Blinds offer a good alternative to drapes in arched windows. Again, you’ll have the gap at the top to allow in light, but still have privacy with the blinds closed. Given the choice of materials and widths for blinds it’s easy to find something that will suit the arched windows in the house.