How to Decorate Bathroom Shelves

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Although a bathroom is used for a limited period of time daily, that does not mean that they should not be decorated. Particularly, if lot of people visit your home, then it becomes necessary to decorate your bathroom aesthetically. If your bathroom is spacious, then it can be decorated in many ways, but the task becomes challenging when space is limited. This problem can be resolved by installing bathroom shelves in appropriate places, and placing decorations on those shelves. Try some of the tips given below to decorate your bathroom shelves.

Decorating Bathroom Shelves

Depending on the color scheme of your bathroom, purchase or find some colored bottles. Place them on the shelves and instantly add colors to your bathroom. Capped bottles can also be used for storing perfumes, bath oils or salts. Feng Shui items, such as bamboo plants, not only increase the energy flow in bathrooms, but they also spruce up its looks. Bamboo plants do not require much care or sunlight. They can be placed on indoor shelves to enhance the overall look of the bathroom.

Placing scented candles on bathroom shelves serves 2 purposes. They look pretty on shelves and when lighted, create a soothing ambiance in which to take long, relaxing bubble baths. If the shelves are installed closer to the sink, then place some colored towels on them. Since bathrooms do not get ample natural light and become humid when in use, live plants cannot be placed on the shelves. Instead, place synthetic decorative plants on the shelves to add that touch of green.
Crystal glass bowls give a rich look to a decor. Place them on shelves or near the sink.

If you have guests staying over at your place, you can fill a large crystal bowl with water and decorate it with petals and floating candles. Acrylic crystals or gel beads can also be placed in crystal bowls to give a classy look to your bathroom.
Small bathrooms usually do not have hooks or hangers for placing towels and robes. Install decorative hooks below the shelves for this purpose.

Do you enjoy long bubble baths during evenings? Apart from scented candles, placing a lava lamp on one of the shelf will heighten the overall experience. Beautiful and small sculptures made of terra cotta or porcelain dolls can be placed on the topmost shelf to create an earthy feel.