Fun Ideas to Decorate Ceiling Tiles

Decorating ceiling tiles

When you remodel a room, don’t forget about the ceiling tiles. Most of the time, you would just replace them, but if that’s not in your budget, you can decorate them instead. This is an unorthodox and highly creative DIY project. It will allow you to show off your space from top to bottom.

Top Decorating Methods for Ceiling Tiles

Paint is the simplest way to decorate your ceiling tiles. You can use gloss paint, latex paint, or even paint that replicates the appearance of metal. Try some faux finishes or stencil a design on your tiles. Plain white ceilings are just boring—jazz it up a bit.

Wallpaper is not just for walls! Pick out some wallpaper that fits with your room décor. You’ll have to wallpaper each tile individually, but the benefit of doing so is that you can mix and match wallpapers.

Fabric is another great way to decorate your ceiling tiles. Choose lightweight fabric that will compliment your room and then simply remove the ceiling tiles. Stretch the fabric over each tile and glue it in place. Use thumb tacks on the underside to hold the fabric in place while the glue dries. Alternatively, you could staple the fabric to the ceiling tiles.

A great idea for kids’ rooms is to use molding to make each tile look like a picture frame. You can place original artwork in the frames. You are limited only by the scope of your imagination when it comes to decorating ceiling tiles.

If You Don’t Like It, Change It

If you ever get bored with your ceiling tiles or change the décor of the room, you can simply redecorate them. Whether you use paint, fabric, or something else, your ceiling will be the center of attention in your room.