How to Decorate Wooden Bunk Beds

Wooden bunk beds do not have to be dull or ordinary. Whether the bunks are made of wood or metal, they can be decorated to suit the tastes of the child who will be using it. The amount of personalized decoration is limited only by the builder's expertise with the tools and materials involved for different techniques. This article will mention some popular ideas and basic tips, but it is far from a complete guide to wooden bunk bed decoration.

Required Tools

The tools you will need will change significantly with the decorating being done. Everything from woodworking tools to crafting kits may be required. Expect common tools to be needed, such as a hammer, tape measure, and utility knife, but be prepared for other things, such as paint brushes, or a router.

Bunk Beds for Girls

Consider painting the bed pink, and possibly incorporating flowers or animals. There are many different ready-made appliques available to help the wooden bunk give the room a more girlish feel. You could even hang a mesh netting over the bed, or use a router to engrave hearts.

Bunk Beds for Boys

Boys like all sorts of things, from baseball to puppies and trains. As with a girl's bed, there are items already available to save you a lot of work. Stroll through a crafts shop, and you'll be presented with ideas that had never crossed your mind at all. A race car motif is very popular with boys, as well as emblems representing different popular sports.

Custom Decorations

Using a stencil set , spell out the child's name on the head or foot board of the bed he or she will be using. This can be either painted on, or set into the wood using a router or a wood-burning kit. Having their own name on their bed is popular with most kids, and gives them a sense of belonging. Talk with the children, and find out what they would like to do with the bed. You may even let them do some of the painting or decorating themselves, for a lasting sense of accomplishment.

My, How They Grow!

Mark out 1/4 inch increments on the end posts of the bed. Make a marked set for each child, and then mark the lines for the child's height at birthdays or other intervals. Add a flat panel on the foot of the beds, and let the kids put a yearly hand print impression on the wood using a water color paint.

Be Creative

Mark out a scroll line around the edge of the bed, and then use a router or woodburning kit to etch it into the wood. The grooves can be painted for contrast with the bed, and add a very distinctive style. You can also add things to the bed, such as a mirror, a kid-sized coat rack, or even shelves to display collectible items. There are thousands of ways to decorate wooden bunk beds, so choose the ideas that you like the best, and get the children involved.