How to Design a Bar that is Cheap to Build and Maintain

A bar.
  • 1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 10
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Square paper
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Square paper

To design a bar, you need to put in a lot of thought and planning to come up with a good design. A bar should be an area of relaxation and should therefore have the right ambiance. Following a set of simple instructions and affordable material, you can successfully build a bar of your preferred design to fit your needs.

Step 1 - Choose Bar Position

Determine the best location for your bar. The bar space must be ample enough to allow for the base of the bar and a walking area. Consider the number of guests the bar will accommodate. The comfort of the bartender and that of the guests is important. Place the bar at a corner to save space and construction time.

Step 2 - Explore Available Bar Designs

Having established the ideal location for your bar, consider different bar designs that would best suit your available space. You can pick up a design and make alterations according to your personal taste. Pick up a squared paper on which to draw the bar design. Use the tape measure to get the actual dimensions of your bar space and transfer the measurements onto your drawing. Outline the bar in detail and in all possible angles on the paper. The ideal height for a bar is always 42 inches. Choose a comfortable design for your bar stools as well and decide on how high to place foot rails. Plan for your bar lighting, as well as any decorations you want to include such as a lighted bar sign.

Step 3 - Plan for Bar Components

Consider the location of your bar storage space. A shelf or cabinet underneath the countertop is ideal. You may also consider cabinets on the back wall. A sink below the bar top is also a necessity, on which to dispose of liquids with ease. Identify a place to put your refrigerator and ice maker too. You can place a television set and stereo at the back wall of the bar for entertainment.

Step 4 - Select a Theme for Your Bar

Choose your bar theme. The theme should match the overall décor of the rest of the room. The bar should blend in well and not conspicuously stand out of the room.

Step 5 - Choose Building Materials

Wood is the best material for building a bar. It is affordable, more presentable, and easier to finish. Wood is also very stable and durable. Countertops also have to be attractive. Granite and marble are ideal, as they are not only a good design feature, but also very easy to clean.

Step 6 - Decide on Bar Accessories

There is a wide range of bar accessories you need to consider. They include assorted glasses, shot glasses, and bottle openers. Others are a cocktail shaker, blender, straws, and napkins.

Step 7 - Wrap Up Design

Confirm that you have each detail well laid out on your square paper. Get ready to construct your bar.