How to Design a Garage Storage Closet

Having a garage storage closet allows you to utilize and organize the tools and space within your garage. If you would like to create a closet that best suits your garage, the following steps will help and guide you in making a great closet design.

Step One – Take Inventory

Determine everything you’ll want to put in the closet. This may include sporting goods, gardening equipment, seasonal clothing, shoes and boots, tools, or camping equipment. Decide which items will be going into the closet and which will be stored elsewhere in the garage. By determining which items will be placed in the closet, you'll know how large or how small it should be to adequately fit all of your desired items.

Step Two – Examine the Options

Look at all the possible organizing items to get the best ideas for organizing. Make several different sketches to see which uses the space most efficiently. See what parts you want to build yourself and what you will purchase commercially. A place to get some inspiration is a closet organizing store; here you can look at all the different options they have available. This will give you designs and ideas that you might want to install in your garage storage closet.

Step Three – Draw the Plan

After examining all the choices, sketch the plan onto a piece of paper. Using graph paper to scale the design will help you to know what will actually fit and what will need to be adjusted. Once you are satisfied with your design and dimensions, you can gather your materials and begin to build your closet.