How to Design Hot Tub Steps

What You'll Need
Tape Measure

If you are installing a hot tub on your property, then you will need to think about fitting some hot tub steps. There are a number of different styles of hot tub, ranging from basic plastic steps that go up and down on the side of the tub, or more complex stairs which can accommodate storage places for hot tub equipment and tools. Most hot tubs come with stairs already designed, but if you want to fit some new ones, then you should consider planning your own. This is not difficult to do once you have a concept in mind, and is easier than paying someone to do it for you.

Step 1 - Decide What You Want

In order to design your own hot tub steps, you will need to know what kind of steps you want. If you have never designed anything before, thenĀ  you may want to stick to the basics, such as a set of three steps which can be easily installed. However, if you want more complex items, and have already designed the rest of the hot tub, then you should consider whether you would like steps which have cupboards underneath for hoses, cleaning liquids, and a handy tub repair kit. This will be a good way of storing anything that the hot tub could require, out of your way until you need it.

Step 2 - Look at Examples

Another way of designing your own hot tub steps is to look at how others may have done it. If you go to show rooms, and pick up leaflets and brochures, you will find that there are heaps of installation ideas. Steps are not the most important feature of a hot tub, although they are very useful, so you may only find one or two examples, but they should be enough to start you thinking about your own designs.

Step 3 - Measure the Hot Tub

If you already have your hot tub up and running, then a good idea would be to measure the height of the door, the length of the side you wish to place the hot tub steps on, and any other factors. Any unevenness of the garden will need to be noted, as these could make the steps shaky, or even cause them to break. Put all of these measurements and notes down in your plan.

Step 4 - Make Some Plans

Now you are ready to start drawing out your plans, Begin with a scale drawing of the hot tub, made to your previous measurements, and then add steps to the illustration. The size and shape of the steps will give you a good idea of what is workable. You should then draw a side-on plan of the stairs, utilizing your ideas from the store brochures, and adding any particular parts that you wish. You should make sure that you keep all of your designs to the same scale, so you can work out accurately the angle and position of your hot tub steps.