How to Determine What Kind of Electronic Ballast Repair Kit to Buy

If you are in the market with many electronic ballast repair kits to choose from, you need to set some standards prior to making a decision of which to buy. You will need an HID ballast to save energy since this will control your HID lamp’s intensity. Here are some tips to help guide you in purchasing the best ballast repair kit.

Know the Type of Lamp You Have

There are basically two major ballasts in the market—one for sodium lamps and the other one is for metal halide lamps. Both are for good illumination and are sold based on the wattage and dimension. Know what your lamp’s dimensions are and check also the type of wattage your unit has to be able to match your correct ballast repair kit. You can also check your voltage and amps by using a multimeter device.

Determine the Wirings

To avoid buying a complete set of the repair kit that you may not need, determine first if the wirings are still intact. IF so, you will only need to purchase a few parts. You need to have a good ground for your wirings. If it is not in good condition, a good ballast repair kit is needed to adjust the wiring properly.

Search for Quality Brands

Avoid purchasing from black markets. You will know it is not original if it is really very cheap and from an unknown market source. It is always best to buy from known brands. Although, if you are in need of a lot of savings rather than quality, perhaps you can buy at your own risks from brands that are not so popular or has not been reviewed or endorsed by quality electronics experts.

High Pressure Sodium Ballast Kit

This kit is important when you need to replace ballasts that were busted. This is already a complete set, which includes a core, igniter and coil and a schematic diagram of information needed to repair your lamp. This ballast repair kit can work with versatile brands of lighting fixtures, including GE, Phillips, Sylvania and other HPS lamps. This ballast repair kit is needed when a simple lamp change will not work when you are trying to fix your lamp. This type of kit is usually available at price range of about $80 to $100.

TV Lamp Ballast Repair Kit

For those with TV or projection sets which are in need of repair, check your ballast as this may need repair. Panasonic has its own ballast repair kit called the LSUC0022 kit and it is usually sold for as low as $20. This may come in handy for those who have Panasonic equipment. However, there were quite a number of complaints regarding the ballast repair kit not being able to fix the problem and the final solution will not come in quite as cheap. It will be best therefore to inquire with the do-it-yourself store manager for possible available choices that they have in their store and what kind of equipment you will need it for.