How to Disconnect a Car Alarm Back Up Battery

What You'll Need
Wire cutters

If you have a car alarm battery back-up alarm, then you may need to disconnect it before you can change either your car alarm, or the battery itself. The car alarm battery is designed to go off when the car battery is shorted, and a back-up battery can keep the alarm operational. Disconnecting it is not a difficult process.

Step 1 - Open the Hood

Open up your car hood, and look at the car alarm back-up battery. This should be located in a difficult place to find, so if you are not familiar with the car, you may have to search for a while in order to find it. You should then be able to see the wires leading between the car alarm back-up battery.

Step 2 - Disable the Battery

Take your wire cutters, and cut the connection between the car alarm and the back-up battery. You can then proceed to remove the wire from the back-up battery. This should allow you to remove the back-up battery, which you can do by simply unscrewing it from the mount, and pulling upwards.