How to Display Decorative Glass

Decorative Glass is a very beautiful and special gift to give anyone, but it's also very delicate. Many people want to know how they can safely display decorative glass to show off all its beauty while still keeping it safe.

The method of display will vary depending on the type of decorative glass item you have. For example a stained glass window could be hung in front of a window, a model made out of glass might need to be put on a table.

Frame It

If the decorative glass is a piece of flat glass then you could quite easily get it framed. Placing the decorative glass in a frame will make it possible to hang it on a wall. This will also protect it from the elements and it can be displayed the same as any other piece of art in your home. Framing the glass will be preferable if you have decorative glass without a hole in.

In Front of a Window

Putting decorative glass in front of a window is ideal if it's transparent and allows the light to shine through. Light shining through the stained glass will look fantastic against your wall. To make this possible there ideally needs to be some way of hanging the glass up. If there is a hole or some form of frame then you should be able to hang this at your window.

Simply hammer a small nail or hook into the wooden window frame or the wall above the window. Hang the wire over the hook and allow the glass to hang down.

As a Tile

Some decorative glass pieces can be used as tiles, these can be fixed to the wall with tile adhesive and used to create nice patterns. This is a great way to uniquely change the look of your kitchen or bathroom. This is only suitable if you purchased decorative glass tiles.

It often looks good if you mix these tiles with other types of tile to create a contrast. Using brightly colored decorative tiles along with white tiles often works very well.

On a Wire

The easiest method of displaying decorative glass art work is by screwing in a small hook, or hammering in a small nail into the wall. You can then suspend the decorative glass from a wire and hang it from the hook. Adjust the length of wire to make it hang at a different position in the window.

If you have an older house with a picture rail then a wire can also be used to hold a decorative glass piece of art. Instead of hammering in a nail you simply need to hook it over one of the picture hooks you already have.

In a Holder

There are plenty of decorative glass holders available, these hold the glass and can then be placed onto a flat surface such as a table. These holders are suitable for any type of decorative glass and if placed by a window will still allow the light to stream through. This may not be idea lif you have young children in your house as they could knock the glass down.