How to Display Merchandise in Pegboard Displays

Looking for a new and fun way to display merchandise in a store or business could be a lot of work, but pegboard displays can offer a great way of show the items for sale and to draw attention to specific items. There are many businesses that can use these displays to advertise, market their products and thus make their presence felt in the market or to the customers. When looking for and deciding on which type of pegboard displays to use, there are a few steps to make the process easy and fun.

Step 1: Choose the Best Display Boards

There are basically two types of pegboards: spinning pegboard and fixed style pegboard. When choosing the right kind of pegboard displays to use in a store, be sure to first decide how they are going to be used and what size is needed. Because they are available in a lot of different styles and sizes, look around to find the one that is going to work best. In order to choose the right kind of board, decide which products are going to be on the display board. Heavier objects require a heavier pegboard and often fixed style of racks are much suited for this cause. While for lighter and smaller objects, spinning pegboard racks can be used.

Step 2: Find the Right Space

Once the display board is ready, finding the best space to put it is the next step. Depending on what size and shape of pegboard is being used, it may look best on the counter, wall or floor. Try it out in different places until the best place is found. Depending on how many items are going to be on the display, it may be better to keep it on the floor for heavier objects or on the counter for small objects. If the products are going to be removed and replaced several times, it is best to keep it where it will be easy to access by the customers. Also, keep in mind what is going to be used to secure the items on the pegboard and what other materials are going to be needed to present the display and hold the materials that are needed.

Step 3: Choose the Advertising Materials

When the display board is set up and the products are ready to be displayed, the advertising materials can be chosen. The advertising that is chosen should represent the products that are being displayed, and the pegboard allows for a lot of creative use of materials. The holes in the pegboard can be used for a number of fun and colorful displays that can add to the products and advertise any sales or discounts. There can also be accessories (such as nails, hooks) that fit into the pegboard which make a great way to have materials available for customers to pick up such as business cards. These products can often be found where the pegboards are sold. If you are planning to hand a few items such as bangles or earning, its best to use a few hooks and nails to hang the products.

There are many different types of items that can be added onto the pegboard to create a unique and fun looking display for customers and to add to the storefront.