How to Divide Agave Pups

Rather than purchasing new agave plants, you can simply divide and transplant the agave pups. These pups are small offshoots of the mother plant that begin growing separately from the plant. Dividing them is a simple process.

Remove Entire Plant from Pot

To divide the pups from the agave plant, you will first need to remove the entire plant from the pot. Lay it over on its side and gently tap the pot to loosen the soil. The entire plant should slide out of the pot.

Break up Root Ball

Break up the root ball by shaking the plant and working it over with your hands. Grab a small pup, once everything is shaken out, and it should come right off the plant with its own root system. Continue to remove the smaller pups until you are left with the mother plant by itself.

Replant Agave

Make sure the pots all have a drainage hole at the bottom and fill halfway with a cactus soil mix. Place the plant into the pot and make sure it is flush with the top of the pot. Do the same with the pups in smaller pots that are the appropriate size. Finish off by topping off with more soil and small amount of fertilizer.