How to DIY a Bedroom That Grows With Your Child

A toddler playing with toys on her bedroom floor.

The things that excite children are constantly changing as they grow and mature. That’s fine when it’s something simple like an outfit or a book, but if it’s their room they want to change, that’s a whole other ball game. Updating bedroom décor and rearranging rooms can become both expensive and tiresome. Use these tricks to create a bedroom environment that grows with your children and allows them to express their personal tastes along the way.

Buy Furniture That Lasts

When children are small, it’s heartwarming to become taken by nursery themes. These designs are cute for a while, but as children develop they soon outgrow the baby décor and look for something that expresses their maturity. Purchase furniture pieces that will fit into a bedroom for any age.

Consider buying full-sized bureaus and dressers that will accommodate both baby

Consider buying full-sized bureaus and dressers that will accommodate both baby and adolescent clothing. A double bed will provide enough space for a little one to sleep safely with temporary guard rails installed, and it will provide enough room for friends who will eventually arrive for sleepovers.

Purchase Multifunctional Pieces

Multifunctional furniture is perfect for transitioning a space from a nursery to an adolescent’s bedroom. Rather than purchasing a changing table, think about buying a bureau or dresser instead. You can purchase a padded mat made for the top of the piece to keep your little ones comfortable when changing diapers, allowing you to keep the furniture piece as simply a dresser after the child grows out of diapers. Beds with storage underneath are ideal for keeping a bedroom tidy and organized.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Works Wonders

If you're trying to keep to a strict budget but want to make a few changes to your child’s room, a fresh coat of paint can transform a space with little money. Visit your local hardware or paint store and get some paint chips to test at home. If your child is old enough, talk to him or her about the plans to get some help in choosing the best new color.

Sometimes a new wall color and the smell of fresh paint are enough to make a spa

Sometimes a new wall color and the smell of fresh paint are enough to make a space feel alive and vibrant. When you've determined the best color choice for the room, speak with a color specialist at your hardware store about the right type of paint you will need. It’s important to ensure that you get some help in choosing an oil or a water-based product. Once a can of paint has been tinted there is little chance of getting a refund, so be sure to choose the product wisely.

Personalize With Accessories

It’s important to add enough personality to a bedroom so that children feel that their character is reflected in the space and that it belongs to them. Add these personality pops through accessories like pillows, rugs and wall art. This will make it easy to change the space over time with little extra investment.

Shop through online bedroom catalogs to get an idea of the latest trends. There

Shop through online bedroom catalogs to get an idea of the latest trends. There are hundreds of bedroom décor websites that provide great room ideas for children of all ages. When you’ve found the design you like, print out the picture or save the photo to your computer desktop for reference.

Get Your Child’s Input

Children spend a great deal of time in the bedroom, so it’s important they feel comfortable and at home in their space. While you might like to add certain items or design features to the space, keep in mind that some of the choices being made should be decided by the child who will sleep in the room. This gives children a sense of pride and responsibility and helps in their both their creative and social development.

Keep Expensive Items Neutral

When determining the changes you will make to space, consider the cost of each item you'll need. Apply the neutral rule to more expensive items. If you're purchasing décor pieces with a high price tag, choose options in a neutral design or color to ensure that they will last through trends that arise in the future.

Enjoy the Adventure

Enjoy the Adventure

The lives of children are always changing. One day their favorites include a particular food or style and the next day, it’s something completely opposite. Their sleeping and play space is no different. Be ready for the changes they will request and help them in the process of growing along the way. By following these ideas to create a bedroom that grows with your child, you will find that you are able to save money and time, and learn a lot about your child in the process.