How To Do Mosaic Art

Mosaic art is a fashionable and creative way to decorate almost any surface, indoors or out. Because of its patchwork appearance, mosaic art can depict both realistic and abstract designs.

Prepare Your Canvas for a Mosaic Creation

Before you begin, decide what surface or item you will be doing your mosaic on. Mosaics are perfect for garden stepping stones, tabletops or larger artwork to be framed. Consider choosing design or picture that you will recreate using mosaic tiles.

Next, gather supplies. You will need:

  • Mosaic tile cutter
  • Tiles in many colors
  • Permanent black marker
  • Strong, quick-drying glue
  • Bathroom grout

When choosing a color for the tile grout, remember that a darker color is usually compliments the mosaic better than a lighter color.


Start by using the black permanent marker to sketch out your design on your material. If it is your first time creating a mosaic, keep the design relatively simple. Intricate designs can be very difficult to create with tiles.


Next, divide your tiles into piles according to color. Make sure to lay the tiles next to each other to confirm that they look good together.

Cut the tiles down to the appropriate size for your piece. Remember that they won't completely fill the space outlined in your design. Keep about 1/5 of an inch between the tiles for the grout to fill.


Now you can begin gluing the individual pieces onto the mosaic surface. Take care not to use too much glue on one piece, especially if you’re decorating a vertical surface. Too much glue takes longer to dry and may cause the pieces of tile to slide out of place.

Once all the tiles are secured, allow the glue to cure for 24 hours. Then inspect the mosaic and re-glue any tiles that you want to reposition. (If you do this, remember to allow the glue to dry for another 24 hours).

Apply Grout

Grout will seal your design and keep the tiles in place for years to come. Follow the instructions on the back of the grout package to complete this step. If you have questions, consult a professional at any local home improvement store.