How to Draw House Plans: Ranch Style

What You'll Need
Graph paper
Home designing doftware (Optional)

Building a ranch is no mean feat and to do it properly you will need to have comprehensive house plans for a ranch. A ranch is generally much more simple than other designs of housing, but that doesn't mean that planning and building one is very easy.

Building a house of any sort is very complicated and to do it properly you must have the final plans drawn up by a professional architect, this will also ensure that the building is structurally sound. You can however start the ball rolling and design your own ranch house.

Step 1 - Consider Your Requirements

The first thing that you need to consider is exactly what your family needs from the home. You can design whatever you want at this stage, so think about exactly what you will need. How many rooms will there need to be in your house, and how should these be arranged to fit in on the plot of land you have available? Also, think about the room size to make sure that your home will be practical and functional. The kitchen is a very important room in your house and deserves some special attention. Think about the floor plan of the kitchen early on as this will help you get the utilities installed in the right positions .

Step 2 - Research

Planning your own home from scratch is very difficult, and that's why you need to do some research. Look around your street and take note of any houses that you like. If there are any particular features that grab your attention then make a note of them in your notebook, you might also like to sketch them so that you don't forget. Research can also be done in home magazines and on the Internet, just make sure you're building something that you will be happy with.

Step 3 - Drawing the Floor Plan

Now you have some inspiration it's time to draw the basic floor plan of your ranch style house on paper. Using graph paper will make it very easy to keep everything to scale. Choose an easy scale and make sure that you stick to it. A common scale is 1 inch to 4 or 8 feet depending on the size of your house.

Step 4 - Home Design Software

If you're not very good at drawing or want an easier way of creating a scale drawing then you can use home design software. This is a useful piece of software which takes all of your dimensions and converts it into the floor plan of your property. You can then install fixtures in certain locations by clicking and dragging them, this makes it very easy to check that the furniture and appliances will fit into the rooms.

Step 5 - Visiting an Architect

Once you've finished your plans you then need to visit your architect to have formal building plans drawn up. Because you've already drawn up the original plans you can be sure that you're getting a house you will really love. Make sure you talk to your architect to find out the reasons behind any changes to your design.