How to Drill Into a Tile Backsplash

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What You'll Need
Masking tape
Tile bit

A tile backsplash can be a basic configuration, but it can also be as intricate as multicolored mosaic tile. Backsplashes are often found in the kitchen and bathroom, as they prevent water from striking the structural wall. Ceramic tiles are great for backsplashes, but they are difficult and costly to drill. The following article will explain how to properly drill through the backsplash material to avoid breaks and cracks.

Step 1 - Mark It

Know where you plan to drill. Place 2 pieces of masking over the area that is to be drilled in the shape of an "x". The cross point is where you will drill. The tape softens vibrations that would cause the tile to break.

Use a drill bit that is specified for tile.

Step 2 - Drill

Use a bit that is specified for tile to drill the backsplash. Ensure that the drill bit is placed in the center of the "x" and that it is level with the backsplash. Pull the trigger and apply steady pressure until you reach the proper depth.