How to Dye Flower Sack Hand Towels

What You'll Need
Flour sack towels
Rubber gloves
Old wooden spoon
Glass jar with lid
Fabric dye
Large pot
General cleaner with bleach

Inexpensive flour sack hand towels can be dressed up to look great in your kitchen. Because they are made of 100 percent cotton they can also be used to make quilts and other items for your home. When working with dye use rubber gloves and remember that anything it touches can be stained.

Washing Machine Method

Step 1 – Prepare the Dye

Turn the washing machine water temperature to hot and fill it. Put the dye powder into a large jar with two cups of hot water. Stir with an old wooden spoon. Put the prepared dye into the machine. Add 1 cup salt to set the color.

Step 2 – Add Towels to Dye Bath

Unfold the flour sack towels and wet them under the faucet with hot water. Ring out the fabric and add it to the machine. Use the soak cycle on your machine. If you don’t have one let the machine run turning it off before the drain and rinse cycle. Reset the machine to wash again. Your aim is to give the towels 30 minutes in the dye bath before it the rinse cycle starts.

Step 3 – Wash Towels

Let the machine rinse the towels in cold water until water runs clear. Wash with laundry detergent for delicate fabrics. Then dry the towel in the dryer to set the color.  

Step 4 – Clean the Washer

It is important to clean the washer immediately. Set the water level to the highest setting and then add detergent and a cup of bleach. Let the machine run through a complete cycle. The dye could permanently stain the plastic parts of the machine but it will not stain the laundry washed in the machine.

Cold Soak Method

You can dye smaller items like hand towels in a sink. Warning: never use dye in a fiberglass sink as it will stain it.

Step 1 – Prepare the Dye

Fill the sink with hot water. Mix 1 package of powdered fabric with 2 cups of hot water in a glass jar. Stir to mix. Add the prepared dye to the sink and stir with the wooden spoon.

Step 2 – Add Towels

Run the towels under hot water to wet them. Unfold them and add them to the sink of water with the dye in it. Stir with the wooden spoon for up to 30 minutes depending on how saturated you want the color to be.

Step 3 – Wash and Dry Towels

Open up the drain and rinse the towels in warm water making it cooler with each rinse until the water is clear. Wash the towels in warm water with a detergent for delicate fabrics and dry them in the dryer.

Step 4 – Clean Up

Right away clean the sink with a cleaner that has bleach in it. Rinse the sink thoroughly.

Enjoy your freshly colored towels in your kitchen or guest bath. If you like to sew, try embroidering your flour sack towels.