How to Edge a Gravel Driveway

What You'll Need
Metal rake
Trenching shovel, grub hoe, digging bar
Large pry bar
Circular saw
Dust mask
Pressure treated 2x10 boards
Construction sand
Ground cover or landscape materials

Edging a gravel driveway with wood is quick, easy, and long lasting. Adding edging will enhance the look of a simple driveway and reduce the maintenance. The idea here is to create a two inch reveal using pressure treated wood planks.

Step One - Lay Out

Measure along both edges of your driveway in feet. Divide the total by the length of the boards you are using and the quotient is the number of boards that you need.

If your driveway has crown, the wood edging needs to maintain that shape and reveal two inches above grade.

Your trench will be 10 inches deep and at least 3 inches wide all along both edges of your driveway.

Step Two – Gather Gravel

Start at the gravel edge of your driveway and rake all the loose gravel from the edge toward the center. Work your way along both sides of your driveway.

Step Three – Dig a Trench

Begin trenching to a depth of 10 inches along both edges of your driveway.

Step Four – Install Edging

Begin at the end of one trench. Smooth out the bottom of the trench with 2 inches of sand. Place your first board in the trench and fit it such that the top of the plank reveals 2 inches of edge above grade. Use sand to shim the board into place. Flex the plank through curves with a large pry bar. Next, secure the plank with back fill leaving the loose end clear.

Next, create an inline butt joint by adding a second board in the same manner as the first. Backfill the inline joint slowly while keeping the joint together. Back fill the second plank while leaving the free end clear.

Now add a third board as you did the first two.

Continue this process of adding a plank, creating an inline butt joint, then back filling while leaving the free end clear all the way along both sides of your driveway.

When you get to the end cut the last piece to finish the trench. If the last piece almost but not quite reaches the end, cut it back to two thirds its length before measuring and cutting the last piece. Then cut the end piece to fit. This will help spread the final joints apart.

Avoid inhaling saw dust from pressure treated lumber. Use a dust mask while sawing to protect your self.

Step Five - Finish

Rake the driveway gravel back from the center toward the new edging. Level off the gravel with the top edge of the edging and tamp down. Finish off the other side by planting ground cover, grass, or blend into your landscaping.