How to Edge a Stone Walkway

What You'll Need
Rubber mallet
Rope or measuring tape

stone walkway not only augments the beauty of the outdoor section of the house, it also provides a safer place especially if children or elderly live in the house. But at times some stone walkway designs will overlap with existing flower beds. This then calls for edging of the stone walkway. There are several edging options to choose from including use of metal, plastics, and bricks, the installation of which can be done by any adult. How it is accomplished using bricks is presented in the following steps.

Step 1 – Measure the Length of the Stone Walkway

To identify how much edging materials you will need, it is best to determine the length of the existing stone walkway to be edged. It will also help you estimate on how much gravel and sand you will be placing on your trench to level the edging.

Step 2 – Creating the Trench for Edging

Once your materials are ready, you can now start digging the trench beside the existing stone walkway. Pathways are often 7 inches below the existing landscape so your trench should be that deep. If the current stone walkway is not straight, simply follow the curves in digging your trench. The trench should not be too wide or too narrow. The canal should be just enough to support the bricks to be installed and the cushioning materials to fit. Remove excess soil around the stone walkway and clear the canal with excess soil. If you happen to encounter a draining pipe, you can extend the trench on that particular spot where the pipe is located to direct the drained water away from the edged bricks. This is important as pooled water may cause damage to the bricks on the edges of the stone walkway.

Step 3 - Placing the Bricks to the Trench

If the trench is already prepared, make sure that the base is leveled by putting in sand. Rake it along the trench and make sure that the base is equal. Start piling bricks on the side of the trench that is closest to the edge of the existing stone walkway. Place one brick atop another. Tap the bricks with the rubber mallet to secure them in place. Continue placing more bricks until the bricks are slightly higher (one to two inches) than the stone walkway. Fill the remaining side of the trench with gravel enough to fill in the gaps and to fasten the bricks more towards the side of the stone walkway. Apply pressure to every level of gravel poured on the side of the trench so that there will be no loose areas in between. You can use a rubber mallet or a shovel to push the gravel deeper into the trench. This should be done in between pouring of gravel. Cover the trench with soil taken earlier from the same spot. Make sure to even out the spot where the trench is located.