How to Edge Flower Beds with Bricks

What You'll Need
A shovel or gardening trowel
Strong gardening gloves

Those of us with flower beds want to protect them and make them really stand out. One of the best and least inexpensive materials for this purpose is bricks. They are easy to work with and provide a nicely defined and elegant look to your flower bed. In this article we will demonstrate how to edge a flower bed with bricks. 


Step One

Make sure that you accurately measure out your flower bed so you can gain an accurate idea of how many bricks you will need for the task. If you have an idea of the perimeter but are unsure how many bricks this will translate into, the people at your DIY store or builders merchants should be able to help. You don’t want to purchase too many as they are heavy to transport and expensive to waste. Buying too few means extra trips to the store, more cost and time wasted. 

Step Two

Think of the type of configuration that you want to create for your flower bed. This may affect the amount of bricks you need. You may want to plant bricks at an angle or work to a particular depth to ensure strength of construction. This should be accounted for when planning for the job. 

Step Three

Choose and purchase your bricks. They are usually readily available at hardware stores and builders merchants. DIY stores might also carry a supply depending on the type. Remember to ask for help if you’re unsure of anything. 

Step Four

Dig a trench around your flower bed. You need to consider your configuration at this point so your trench will be deep and wide enough. Bricks can be placed vertical horizontally or even at an angle. Standing the bricks up vertically will require a trench of approximately 4 inches in depth and 4 inches in width. 

Step Five

Next you need to scoop out the trench. Remove the loose dirt and make sure you compact the bottom firmly. This will allow for a firm foundation. Make sure you are wearing your gardening gloves when you do this to protect your hand from debris. Try to remove roots and other foreign invaders as they can eventually cause the brick to fall out of place. 

Step Six

Take one hand and start placing the bricks in the trench. Use your other hand to slowly pack the dirt around it. For an angled look you’ll need to place the bricks in with one hand and use the other for support. Keep placing the bricks in your chosen configuration until you have surrounded your flower bed. 

Step Seven

Pack the dirt firmly around the bricks and repeat the process until you are finished. When the process is complete you should have a nicely formed edge to your flower bed with bricks. 


Try shaking a little cement dust into the trench before placing bricks. Afterwards, shake another light coating between cracks to promote a solid foundation.