How to Eliminate Dog Fleas in the Yard

To effectively eliminate all dog fleas, you must keep your home and your surrounding areas clean. Take some special steps to get rid of fleas from within your home, your yard and your pets.

Eliminate Fleas from the Yard

Fleas abound in the yard where pet dogs spend a lot of time. These pests naturally reproduce in warm and moist areas. As you work, pay special attention to areas that are damp for most part of the day.

Get rid of all dead and unwanted plant growth in your yard, since they can be the source for fleas and parasites. This method of clearing will bring greater sunshine into your yard. Fleas are far too fragile to survive in the hot sun. Likewise, make it a point to flood your yard once a month to drown the fleas and kill the eggs. Y

Nematodes are also an effective way to manage fleas. These are tiny worms that feed on flea larvae without damaging your garden plants. Mix a packet of nematodes with water and spray the entire yard.

At least once a week, use insecticides with tested chemicals for spraying in your yard, after making sure the chemicals will not harm the pet dogs.

Eliminate Fleas from Pet Dog

For some strange reasons, pet dogs regularly attract fleas and it is your responsibility to take steps to keep the fleas away from your pet dog. It is not enough to merely bathe your dog but you should regularly apply flea-killing powders and insecticides that contain piretrinas, which are very secure for the dog and yet effectively kill the fleas. However, when applying powders or insecticides, you must ensure that they are sprayed innocuously. Protect your pet’s eyes, nose, mouth and ears while spraying the powders.

One more proven way to kill fleas is using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Simply sprinkle it in on your pet as well as on all dry areas your dog frequents. This will completely dehydrate all fleas within 72 hours. You can even feed you dog with a teaspoon of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth once a day for a few weeks to eliminate tapeworm the dog develops after ingesting fleas.

One of the effective ways to remove the fleas from the pet dogs is for you to place them on a towel and comb them using a comb flea. The fleas that fall down on the towel can be immersed in soapy water to kill them. You can also give your pet dog a warm water bath using a detergent which is anti-bacterial.

Apart from eliminating dog fleas from your dog and yard, you have to keep your house and surrounding areas free from fleas. Please know that only a part of the flea problem is on your dog or in the yard, the other part is inside your own home. Fleas thrive beneath the carpet, on your furniture, and in wall crevices. To permanent eradicate fleas you should not only treat your dog and the yard but your entire home.