How to Eliminate that Cat Poop Smell

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  • 1 hours
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What You'll Need
Air sanitizer
Dish soap
Hot water
Odor control litter

If you have a cat, you are probably familiar with the offensive smell of cat poop that can linger near the litter box. Even if you clean your litter box regularly, the smell can remain and be quite obnoxious. Here are some easy tips for eliminating the cat poop smell in and around your cat’s litter box.

Cleaning the Litter box

Periodically empty the entire litter box instead of just removing the clumps. Clean the entire box with dish soap and hot water. Add a few caps full of bleach to kill any odor-causing germs that may be present. Use a throwaway cloth or an old rag to clean the box as well as the surrounding walls and floors where your litter box sits.

Keeping the Smell Away

When you refill the litter box, use an odor control litter. This will cost a bit more, but should produce good results in eliminating some of the smell from this space and the rest of your home. Additionally, spray an air sanitizer around the litter box to kill some of the bacteria that produce the odors. Finish the cleaning process by placing an automatic spraying air sanitizer near the litter box to keep the smells away in the future. If you need to eliminate cat urine smell, follow our guide here.