How to Eliminate Weeds with Gin

What You'll Need
1 tbsp. gin
1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp. dish soap
1 quart hot water
Spray bottle
Plastic milk jug

Weeds can be a serious problem in any garden. They ruin the garden's  appearance, and can compete with your plants for food, water, and space, sometimes pushing out the plants you actually want. And even worse — when removed, they can come back overnight.

Many solutions to a weed problem bring problems of their own. Pulling up individual weeds by hand works, at least until the weeds come back, but it takes time and effort that you may not be able to spare for such a simple problem. Spraying chemicals can work, but only if you do not mind having those same chemicals in the food you eat, and the yard your children play in.

Fortunately for you, there is another solution. You can kill weeds with ordinary gin. Gin is great at killing weeds, and mixed properly with a few other common items, it is easy to apply and use effectively. Here are some tips you can use to quickly and efficiently eliminate weeds with gin.

Step 1 - Mix

The first step to killing weeds with gin is putting your weed killing mixture together. Combine the liquid ingredients together in your spray bottle and shake well.

Step 2 - Apply

Before you spray your mixture on the weeds in your garden, making a spray guard is a good idea. Using a spray guard helps you hit the weeds you want to hit, while avoiding plants you would rather leave alone. To start, use your scissors to cut a hole out of the bottom of your jug. Make this hole as big as possible—cutting out the entire bottom is fine. Finish up by cutting a hole in the top or side. This hole is where your spray bottle will go, so it should be big enough to fit the nozzle comfortably.

Now it is time to go weed hunting. Before spraying, place your spray guard over the weed you found. Use it to block off the weed, separating it from plants you want to protect before you spray. The vinegar and gin will work together to kill the weed.

Remember not to spray your garden's plants with this mixture, as it can damage them. Getting a little bit on a non-leafy section will not do any noticeable harm, however.

Step 3 - Maintain

It is a good idea to aggressively go after any new weeds that pop up after you spray, rather than waiting for things to get bad again. This is true for two reasons. Young weeds are less able to survive than mature ones, and will die more easily. However, more importantly, killing weeds before they sprout seeds means you do not have to come back later to kill new weeds. If you maintain your garden actively using this method, you should be able to keep weed growth to a minimum, while protecting your plants.