How to Enchance Your Gutters and Downspout Systems

Once your gutters and downspouts are in place, you may want to make some upgrades to them to enhance the look and performance.

Leaf Strainers

One of the best enhancers for a gutter is leaf strainers or gutter guards. These come in a wide variety of both do it yourself and professional installation styles.

The basic idea of the lead strainer is that they allow rainwater to flow into the gutter while keeping the leaves, sticks and other debris out of the gutter. This means less maintenance on your gutters and fewer problems with overflow and flooding.

Gutter Cleaner
If you don’t have a leaf strainer, you may want a gutter cleaner or gutter cleanser. These tools help you clean out the gutter once something has fallen into it.

Gutter cleaning tools attach to the garden hose. They are hooked a the end, providing an easy way to reach into the gutter.

The tip creates a strong, nearly pressure-washer type of flow that will blast out any debris from the gutter.

Gutter Liner

A gutter liner can also enhance your gutter system. This material is a synthetic substance that you, the homeowner, can install into your gutter that will block any holes you currently have and may prevent new ones from forming.