How to End a Woodworm Infestation

Woodworms are the larvae of a boring beetle that make their way into woodwork such as trees and flooring. The larvae itself can be specific to any number of species of beetles that make their way into trees. Because it is in its larvae form, the beetle has a voracious appetite and cause a wide swatch of destruction in trees and in wood. You can detect an infestation by the small dark holes that the woodworm makes when it bores itself into trees and other wood. If left untreated, the woodworm will cause permanent destruction and cause a tree to die prematurely.

Ending a woodworm infestation requires you to identify the problem at its source and take steps to contain the woodworm. You should inspect wood on a periodic basis to determine if a woodworm infestation is present. This is particularly true in areas that are known to have woodworms present. Look for evidence of the woodworm in trees and in flooring in order to determine what appropriate steps to take.

Trap the Woodworms in their Burrow

When a woodworm makes a burrow, it is getting close to the time before it changes into a beetle. You can halt the growth of the woodworm by applying a glazing shellac in the hole designed to cover the hole and make it difficult for the larvae to emerge. Once this is done. The larvae will die and that will end the current infestation.

You can also use an insecticide designed to prevent the spread and growth of woodworms in trees. This should be done at the beginning of the growing season, choosing an insecticide that is safe and does not cause any further damage to the tree. You can check with a local community college or agricultural extension in order to find a good insecticide for this purpose.

Cover Wood with Protective Glaze

Covering flooring with a protective glaze is one way to make it impenetrable for woodworms and other pests. Treating wood that is for outside use is also a good way to keep pests such as woodworms from invading your home and causing serious damage. Treated wood is easy to find and should be part of your building process whenever you are adding a deck or some other type of outdoor extension to your home that involves the use of wood.

Have Treatment Placed on Trees

Have trees sprayed with a special treatment designed to prevent the entry of woodworms and other pests. For this process, which is done in the spring, call on the assistance of a professional, such as a pest control service. They can make sure that your trees and other wood surfaces are properly treated and prevent the woodworms from reentering the area and causing any further damage. If properly treated, over time your trees and wood surfaces will become impenetrable to these pests.