How to Estimate Lawn Care Costs

Estimating lawn care costs is essential regardless of whether you are planning to simply maintain your lawn or embark on a landscaping project. Lawn care can often fluctuate in cost but if you are fully prepared for the year round maintenance of your lawn, there shouldn’t be any hidden surprises. 


Step 1 – Who’s Doing the Work?

Are you planning to care for your lawn yourself or employ a lawn care business? Hiring someone else to care for your lawn will minimize your work to free time for simply enjoying your garden. Because these services know what they are doing, they will be able to tend to every eventuality or task that might occur in your garden from mowing to weeding. 

Another advantage to hiring a lawn care service is that, you won’t have to purchase as many tools because they will have all the correct equipment. However, by employing someone else this can escalate your lawn care costs depending on what you require and what they charge. By maintaining your lawn yourself you reduce your lawn care costs in the long run. 


Step 2 – Make a List

Regardless of whether you are planning to carry out your own lawn care maintenance or hiring someone else, you will need to work out exactly what your attention your garden needs. 

Be systematic and make a list that will include everything your garden requires and remember to include every aspect of lawn care such as mowing, weeding, planting or edging. There maybe other items that you might want to add to your list such as composting or fence maintenance that are directly related to your lawn. 


Step 3 – Plan the Work

Once you have devised a list which outlines what needs to be done in your garden, the next step is to work out when these jobs should be done. Lawn care should be carried out all year round but there are certain jobs which are done in certain seasons. 

In spring, you will need to prune surrounding trees, plant seeds and add fertilizer to your lawn. In summer, you will need to mow your lawn regularly and water it if there are long dry periods. 

During the fall, leaves will need to be raked up and you should start preparing your lawn for the winter months by removing any toys from it. In winter, you will need to ensure that your lawn does not get too long in order to prevent any winter diseases from developing. 


Step 4 - Calculations

Once you have compiled your list, work out how long you estimate each job will take. Then calculate the average rate of labor charges in your area for these jobs. You could arrange for several lawn care businesses to provide you with a quote for the work to sample a comprehensive range of prices. Once you have calculated your costs, add tax to your total.                           


Step 5 – Make an Informed Decision

You might discover that after calculating all your costs that your lawn care will be cheaper if you carry out the work yourself. However, be realistic in terms of what jobs you want doing and how long you have estimated the jobs will take.