How to Estimate the Cost of Building an Enclosed Patio

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  • Beginner
  • 5-15
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If you're considering building an enclosed patio in your garden then one of the many things you need to consider is how much it is going to cost. Obviously the cost will depend to a certain extent how large you want your enclosed patio to be, but there are many other factors to take into account as well. You could ask a local contractor to come out and provide you with an estimate or simply follow these step by step instructions and do it yourself.

Step 1 – Building Regulations

Before you begin planning and costing an enclosed patio, it is essential to check your local building regulations to see if there are any restrictions that will apply and whether you require a building permit. Bear in mind any stipulations about roof height and pitch, clearance from dividing walls, etc. at the planning stage to prevent problems further down the line.

Step 2 – Secure Footing

If you are building the enclosure over an existing patio area, check for any remedial work that will need to be carried out. Make sure that there will be sufficient gradient for water drainage to prevent flooding. If you will pour a concrete slab to build the patio on then allocate funds to pay for specialized equipment and bulk concrete. If you don't have any experience in laying a concrete slab you will also have to employ skilled tradesmen to do it for you.

Step 3 – Frames and Walls

The location of your enclosed patio will have a significant effect on the framing cost. If you are adding it as an extension to your house and using one or even two existing walls then you will require less new framing. Take account of any additional support frames that may be required around windows and doors. If you will drywall the internal space then you must also budget for that.

Step 4 – Roof

The type of roofing material that you use will most likely be affected by your local weather conditions and budget. Using a highly insulated material will help to regulate the internal temperature and enable use of the patio throughout the year but may increase the initial costs.

Step 5 – Windows

Living in an area with a low rainfall may mean that you just want to cover the windows with screening to keep insects away. Areas with a higher level of rain and snow will require more substantial windows. A huge range of glass and plastic windows are available offering varying degrees of energy efficiency and durability to fit your budget.

Step 6 – Doors

An enclosed patio that is completely separate from the home will require at least one doorway, although others could be added if you desire. If the new patio will be accessed from the house then you need to allocate funds for its construction and, most likely, another door leading into your garden.

Step 7 – Labor

Consider all of the different tasks that will be needed to finish all of the above areas to standard as well as other finishing work such as plumbing or electricity. Even if you are experienced at DIY it is likely that you will need to employ some tradesmen to complete the project.

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