How to Faux Finish Your Brass Headboard

What You'll Need
Acetone (nail polish remover)
Lint-free towels
Hot water
Paint brush
White vinegar

A brass finish is, by far, one of the most desirable kinds of finishes you could utilize in your home. The brass headboard of your bed looks great but creating a brass finish that makes the headboard look more antique. A faux brass finish is simply taking an existing brass headboard and making it appear to be older. Antique brass often commands a hefty price which makes buying a real antique brass headboard out of the price range of most people. Creating a faux brass finish can be accomplished by using various products on the market. These methods tend to be expensive and even toxic. The information below will show you a way to create a faux brass finish easily with supplies found in many homes.

Step 1 - Weaken the Varnish

The brass headboard you have is typically covered with a varnish that is in place to protect the brass. In order to achieve this aged brass finish you need to remove that protective varnish. Nail polish remover is the chemical known as acetone which is inexpensive and found in most homes. It is also essential to creating the antique brass finish. Dampen a lint-free towel with the nail polish remover. You want the towel wet but not dripping. Use the damp towel and begin rubbing the brass headboard. This process may take some time as you need to work the nail polish remover in each area of the headboard. Only continue forward when you are certain you have covered the entire headboard with the nail polish remover.

Step 2 - Remove the Varnish

The acetone in the nail polish remover eats away and breaks down the varnish on the headboard. With the varnish present the brass will never get to where you want it to be for your brass finish. Use a fresh towel and saturate it with lukewarm water. Wring the towel out as you just want it damp and not dripping wet. Use this towel and begin wiping down the brass headboard. Remove as much of the varnish as you can as well as any residue that may have been left behind by the varnish. Once the towel becomes too dirty use a fresh towel as you could be reapplying the very thing you just removed. Dampen the towel as often as you have to in order to keep it wet and useful.

Step 3 - Creating the Faux Brass Finish

Before creating the desired brass finish the headboard needs to dry completely. You can use another clean towel if you want to wipe the headboard down but it is a better idea to allow it dry on its own. Pour the vinegar into the bowl and saturate the paint brush with it. With the paint brush soaked with vinegar begin brushing the brass headboard with it. The vinegar will react to the brass and use the oxygen in the air. The result will be the brass oxidizing before your very eyes.