How to Faux Paint Interior Columns

What You'll Need
Craft paint in appropriate colors
Wood graining tool
Rubber gloves
Small paint tray
Drop cloths
Paint brushes
Large stencil brush
Paper towels

If you have interior columns in your home you may be thinking about faux painting them to give them a new look. Most supplies you will need are available at a home repair center or craft store. There are several faux painting techniques that would work well on interior columns.

Step 1: Prepare the Area

Place drop cloths on the floor around the column you will be painting. Be sure the column is free of dust and dirt before applying any paint technique. If there are dirty areas, wash them off. If you are using the current color of the column of the base you are now ready to paint.

Step 2: Faux Marble Painting

A popular technique for indoor columns is faux marble. With a bit of practice this technique can be mastered and will truly look like marble. To do this technique you will need at least 3 colors of paint, for instance gray, that are nearly the same color but each slightly darker. If using gray, a white base coat on the column will be best.

Use the lightest shade of gray and the large stencil brush first. Pour a bit of the paint onto a paper plate or wax paper. Dip just the tips of the bristles of the brush into the paint then grind it into a paper towel to remove a lot of it. Use the brush in a dusting motion to brush this shade on in large patches of color. Do not cover the entire column, but cover a good bit of it. You should only have a hint of color.

Next use the middle shade of gray in the same manner. Overlap the light shade in places and into some new areas on the white. Do not put as much of this shade on as you did the lighter shade.

The final step is making the lines in the faux marble. Dip the tip of the feather into the darkest shade of paint and tap a bit off. Use the tip and lightly drag it diagonally across the column in a downward motion. Move your wrist back and forth. This will creat a grain in the marble. You can make graining marks that start in the first mark and make them branch outward to give a tree limb effect. Don't put in too much graining. You may want to look at pieces of real marble to get the idea.

Step 3: Faux Wood Painting

For faux wood painting you will need at least two shades of brown. Paint the column the lighter shade of brown and allow to dry. Next, dip your graining tool into the graining tool and rock it back and forth on a piece of dry paper towel to remove just a tiny bit of excess paint.

Starting at the top and moving the tool downward in a rocking motion, apply the lighter shade of paint. Always start at the top for the next course of graining. As you move along, if you're not happy with the look, use a wet rag to wipe the paint off and start over.