How to Feed Wild Raccoons in Your Yard

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For some, raccoons are fun to watch while they eat and play. Their cute faces and perky ways always cheer a person up. They are always looking for food, especially at night, so if you offer them food that they will like, you will get to see them play and be entertained.

Safety Note - Raccoons are generally more afraid of humans than the other way around, but they can be dangerous in certain circumstances—when they're sick, for example, or when children and small pets wander into their space. If you live close to neighbors, or often have kids and small animals in your home and yard, you may want to think twice before inviting wild creatures to the party.

Step 1 - Wait for Sundown

Wait for dark. Raccoons sleep during the day and venture out at night. Don’t light up your yard too much, and try to keep noise at a minimum, since that will keep them away.

Step 2 - Leave Food

Leave a plate of table scraps or dog food in an area with some light so you can observe them too. Raccoons also like water so make sure you leave some water with the food. They love peanut butter, grapes, cornbread, and dog or cat food chow. They also like sliced apples and bananas. They love cakes and cookies but try not to give too much of that. The only food they don’t seem to like is rice and raw carrots.

Step 3 - Wait

Within a few minutes you will see raccoons appear. They usually appear with their masked faces and attack the food. Give them food cut into bits to help them eat. They will usually stand on their hind legs and hold the food in their front paws and play and fight as they pick the best pieces from each other.