How to Feng Shui a Child's Bedroom

What You'll Need
Paint (optional)
Various furnishings or possessions

You can teach your children the core concepts of Feng Shui by arranging their bedrooms. Children’s bedrooms change with each phase in their lives. When you have feel you have to redecorate to meet your child’s growing requirements, you can incorporate the following Feng Shui tips.

Step 1 -  Induce Calm Energy

Make sure the energy in your child’s bedroom reflects calm and peace. Children are very sensitive to their environments.

Start your Feng Shui experience by de-cluttering your child’s room. Throw away or donate anything that your child has outgrown or doesn’t use. Choose a neutral pastel color for the room and try to paint the ceiling white. If you have the choice, try to give a boy the north or east bedroom and a girl a south or west bedroom.

Step 2 - Select a Suitable Place for the Bed

Make sure to place the bed against a wall. Set the bed facing the door but not in direct line with the door. Don’t place the bed on a wall that has a bathroom on the other side. For security, choose a bed with a solid headboard. Bunk beds are strongly discouraged in Feng Shui because the top bunk bed is said to pressurize negative energy on the bottom bunk bed.

Step 3 - Apply Feng Shui to the Left Wall

When you enter the bedroom, the left side is known as the knowledge area. Place the desk and bookcase here. Make sure the desk faces the room so your child will not feel distracted while studying. Hang crystals to create positive energy (chi).

Put the bed and reading chair in the center of the room; also hang a few family pictures there. The back left corner of the room is the wealth area. Choose accomplishments and awards and career goals to display in this area. The colors purple and gold may represent wealth.

Step 4 - Apply Feng Shui to the Center Wall

The center wall of your child’s bedroom is the wall facing you when you enter the room. Place all the awards, accomplishments and degrees there. A bulletin board that displays school papers and good grades is also a good idea. All creative ideas and projects go on this wall.

Step 5 - Apply Feng Shui to the Right Wall

Continue the creativity scene on the right side of the bedroom. Place a CD player with music instruments here. Hang pictures and postcards of travel and visits abroad. A globe is another helpful addition for easy reference.

Avoid placing TVs and computers in your children’s bedrooms. Also try to maintain the bedrooms as free from clutter as possible. Feng Shui teaches that less clutter allows easier flow of chi (or positive energy).