How to Feng Shui a Dining Room

Feng Shui actually means ‘wind and water’. It’s a tradition that is at least 3,000 years old and imported from the Orient. It is felt in the mind, body and spirit and will either expand or diminish your ‘chi’, a Chinese word for energy. Using your Feng Shui you can help coordinate the exterior of your home to help balance the chi in your mind and body. Feng Shui in a dining room is very important. Dining rooms is where a family and friends gather and are entertained. Good Feng Shui and flow of chi can be good for stimulating conversation and enjoyable appetite.

Following are ways in which you can have Feng Shui in the dining room:

Step 1: The Dining Table

Choose a table that is either oval or round. Round tables provide conversations and represents heaven. The dining table should be in the centre of the room so that everyone can gather around it comfortably. If the table is square, place some round decoration in the centre to stimulate chi (flow of energy). The chairs should be in even numbers otherwise the guest seated on the odd chair will feel unwanted. Chairs should be comfortable with back support. Make sure the host does not have his or her back to the door. When you face the door, you prevent unexpected surprises. Guests who are honored should also be seated facing the door.

Step 2: Lighting in the Dining Room

A well lit dining room is good for the flow of chi. Candles help in decorating the dining room but should not be the main light source of light. Make sure your room is well lit. The chandelier should be placed in the centre of room, over the dining table.

Step 3: Dining Room Color Scheme

The décor of a dining room should be simple yet elegant so attention isn’t distracted from the eating and company. The colors should encourage a happy healthy atmosphere for eating.

There are some colors that are more conducive in Feng Shui than others. All reds yellows, light blue are acceptable choice of colors in the dining room. Green and lavender are colors that stimulate digestion and are excellent for a healthy appetite.

You can also use the colors pink, pale lemon or mustard provided your appetite is not affected with it. Orange is a color that is strongly discouraged unless you want to frighten your guests away.

Step 4: Use of Mirrors in the Dining Room

Use of mirrors in a dining room help encourage the feeling of abundance. Everything appears double and that is considered a blessing in Feng Shui. Make sure you place your mirrors in the correct position. Mirrors not placed well will have a bad effect. Make sure they are not placed too low. There might be some tall members in your family or guests and it is not a good omen if their heads are cut off.

Your dining room should be beautifully but simply decorated with good taste and warmth flowing through it. It should be properly balanced with Feng Shui that anyone entering it gets the feeling of satisfaction and peace.