How to Feng Shui a Guest Room

Feng Shui is an ancient Oriental philosophy in which physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual forces are synergised for optimal human experiences. Ancient Chinese believed that we live and experience events in a holistic manner, and it is essential, therefore, that we harmonize all forces surrounding us. In recent years, the West has also embraced some aspects of Feng Shui to enhance our overly “material” lifestyles. The welcoming ambiance created by Feng Shui uplifts oue experience everywhere. Here are steps we can take to make guest rooms not only comfortable and pleasurable for guests, but also a bridge to strengthen, and deepen, bonds of friendship.

Step 1: Be a “Guest” in Your Guest Room

Experience sleeping in your guest room and find ways to make this more enjoyable. Are the curtains too thin and allow too much light at dawn, or too thick that it feels like a morgue? Is the bedside lamp easy to switch on? Is the wall clock too noisy? Too bright? Is the bed comfortable? Is the way to the toilet clear? This will be the best Feng Shui step you have taken.

Step 2: Cater for Different Weather Conditions

The weather is always fickle. Place additional blankets in case it gets cold, and an oscillating fan in case it gets overly warm, no matter what month it is. People have their quirks, and it will add to the pleasure if they are afforded indulgence. Some like fresh air so make sure the latch turns smoothly and the window opens easily.

Step 3: Stock the Room With Liquids, Fruits and Snacks

If possible, place a small refrigerator in the room – like a mini-bar – and stock it with water, juices, packed nuts and chocolates. Even without a fridge, it is important to have a tumbler of water and glasses, a fruit basket with seasonal and dried fruits, and an assortment of nuts on which guests can munch. Since every ones eating habits differ, you will be surprised how welcome these munchies are!

Step 4: Cater for Their Toiletries

Many guests forget to pack their toiletries carefully, and are embarrassed asking for the missing items. Place a basket of toiletries including razors, toothbrushes, tampons, deodorants, shampoos, shower caps and combs in the room or the bathroom. Ensure that there are fresh soaps in the bathroom, fresh towels and a fresh toilet roll in place.

Step 5: Look after Their Reading Pleasure

It is nice for guests to find reading material in the room. This can include magazines and “light” books. Most people like to read a newspaper in the morning. It would be nice to have one delivered to the guest room every day.

Step 6:  A Clock for Their Time, and Wardrobe and Drawer Space for Convenience

People have different waking times and habits. Place a alarm clock on the handy bedside table, and ensure that it is neither noisy nor too bright. Also, ensure that the guests have room for their personal things in the closets and drawers. Nothing is more uncomfortable than living out of a suitcase as a guest.