How to Feng Shui a Playroom

Feng Shui is the ancient art that aligns the mind, body and spirit in a matter that brings harmony to the entire being. It emerged from the Orient and has become popular in the west in the past few decades. Children, whose minds and characters are being formed can benefit highly from the use of Feng Shui in their playrooms. You can follow these simple ways to help create a happy and healthy atmosphere for their playroom.

Bring Energy into the Playroom

Children have active imaginations that are constantly exploring, expanding and developing. ‘Yang” is the Feng Shui term which denotes energy and its use can help a child in the developmental process by stimulating and challenging the mind. It can be tapped into by the use of correct colors in the playroom. Choose colors that are full of energy and purpose. Colors that are bright like yellow, red, green, and purple and pink – and their shades- are all appropriate.

Your child’s personality should be in the forefront of your choice of colors. Consider whether your child vibrant or sunny of if a race car painted on one wall would be best.  If your children are old enough to choose, involve them in the color choice and theme. Don’t underestimate your kids’ ability to pick exactly what they like.

Feng Shui Color Guide and Clutter

Make sure the play area is not cluttered with too much stuff. Chi (vital energy) needs uncluttered space to flow freely, so try to leave the centre of the room free of stuff. You child needs to channel his energy freely in his play area to benefit from Feng Shui. Children need visual openness so they are able to relax and can freely express their over active imaginations. Feng Shui has a basic color guide for easy reference:

  • Red are for promoting self expression
  • Blue is for building self esteem
  • Green is for exploration
  • Orange is for cooperation
  • Yellow is for clarity of mind and purpose
  • Pink for ease in communication
  • Purple promotes creativity

Children Need Own Workspace

There comes a time when your child will need his own workspace specially dedicated for his projects—whether they are in arts, crafts or regular homework. A desk will give the play room importance and a sense of achievement. Make sure the size of the desk and chair are the correct size for your child. Try to place the desk in the northeast section of the playroom in such a way that your child is facing the room; this is good for his concentration and general well being.

Decorate for Self Esteem

Decorate the south wall of your children’s playroom with your child’s accomplishments like drawings, awards or good work in various school projects. Anything that makes your child beam with pride is important for his self esteem.

You can also use inspirational posters or of some super hero that they admire. A full length mirror in front of a window also helps to reflect light into the room for a calming Feng Shui effect.