How to Feng Shui an Entrance

Over the last few decades, the traditional Chinese art of Feng Shui has been incorporated into Western homes and offices to help people live happier, more harmonious lives. The attention to detail and the placement on objects is important in Feng Shui, and even by organizing small areas in your home, you will be able to reap the benefits. Most Feng Shui decorating is easy to do and shouldn't cost you any extra money. One of the best places to rearrange is your entrance area. This is where you will enter and leave you home, and it will serve as a reminder to live life to the fullest and be harmonious.

Your Front Door

Though you should paint most of your entrance a natural or earth-tone color or white, the door and its frame can be painted red or black. Red will generate good energy, whereas black is a sign for attracting wealth. These colors will generate good "chi," or life energy, in your home. Since black is easiest on the eyes, you could paint your door black and the frame around red. This way you will be able to experience both colors.

The Outer Walkway

The exterior path of your entrance is just as important as the interior. Help the chi welcome you to your home by adding large planting pots with colorful flowers, carved statues or fountains. This will direct the chi and your guests to the entrance in a welcoming manor.

Make sure that there is no debris or clutter along the entrance. Make sure that there are no cracks or areas in the walkway that need to be repaired. It should be clean and safe to avoid blocking the energy. Prune back any large, overgrown bushes to make the way more inviting.

The Foyer or Inner Entryway

According to Feng Shui, the foyer should be painted in natural or earth-tones colors. This will help direct the chi through the doorway and into your home.Though you can choose between white, brown and black, the lighter colors will be easiest on the eyes and will open up your home more, making it feel more spacious.

Choose the color based on your lifetime goals. The color white represents truth and the search for truth. This color could lead you to higher spiritual knowledge. Do not paint everything white, however, as it will look boring and sterile and leave you feeling the same way.

Painting your entryway brown, tan or other earthly colors will represent fertility and nature. These colors can also uplift your spirit and balance out any feelings of rejection or depression. Be cautious when painting and decorating, however, as too much brown will also make the area look dull and leave you feeling stuck.

Though you should not paint your walls black, the color can be appealing to the eyes when used carefully around the room. Do not overdo it, as black is usually associated with grieving.

As with the outer part of the entrance, you can add plants, fresh flowers, artwork and sculptures to the inner part if there is room. This will open it up and be inviting, as well as add color. Do not overdue the art or else the room will begin to look cluttered. Make sure you do not put any mirrors across from the door as the energy may be directed back out.

By keeping the area clean, organized and fresh, you will be able to experience the positive energy created by the room. To add Feng Shui to your entrance will make your home more inviting to you, the chi and your guests.