How to Feng Shui Your Living Room

Feng Shui in the living room is a two fold process: keeping positive energy circulating around the room and keeping space from building up stagnant or what's known as Sha Chi energy (negative energy).

Many of today's homes have a formal living room and a family room or den. The formal living room is not often used or only used for special occasions, while the den is the hub of activity every day of the year.

Feng Shui believes this is a dangerous arrangement. The absence of "living" in the formal living room creates Sha Chi.  This is the energy of everything that may be going wrong or negatively in your life. It's the energy of depletion, want, fatigue and disease.

Bringing Feng Chi energy, the good, happy, healthy and prosperous energy, is what needs to be invited into the living room. Here are the simple Feng Shui steps to keep your living room alive with Feng Chi energy.

Step 1 - Declutter

Clutter acts as an energy obstruction which will break up the smooth flow of positive energy. Overcrowding a room not only makes the room smaller, but will hog the living space you need to feel relaxed and secure. Evaluate every item in the living room in respect to the purpose it may serve. If it's not a functional piece of furniture or a beautiful accent, remove it and place it in another room where it best belongs, or toss it. Try to maintain this practice at least once a week.

Step 2 - Repair or Replace

It's believed that by tolerating broken furniture, burned out light bulbs or cracked windows, the positive energy will leak out through these channels. Broken furniture needs to be replaced or repaired. Bulbs should be changed immediately and any other neglected items fixed, replaced or removed.

Step 3 - Choice of Color

In Feng Shui, the right color for your living room is determined by your understanding of your specific Kua number. This personal Kua number is determined by your birth date and year. The details go beyond the scope of this article, so it would be best to consult a Feng Shui expert or search the Internet for more information regarding this subject.

Step 4 - Furniture Placement

To keep the room fresh and inviting, change the layout of your furniture once every 6 months. Place each piece against a different wall or angle them across corners. Here too, as in the choice of color, the proper direction of each piece of furniture is best determined by the application of the Feng Shui compass. Placing your furniture in the North, South, East or West directions holds significant influence on the level of love, health and wealth you will experience in life. Consult an expert.

Step 5 - Add Feng Shui Accents

To further increase the power of Feng Shui in your living room introduce these accents:

  • Fresh Flowers: Change regularly
  • A Water Fountain or a Fish Tank: Water attracts wealth
  • Encourage pets to enjoy the living room: They help positive energy
  • Paintings: Use ones that portray happiness, which include people or animals
  • Cover the fireplace with a screen or glass: Prevents the leaking of Chi energy