How to Fertilize a Water Lily

A water lily makes a lovely, fragrant addition to any pond. Though growing water lilies is quite easy, knowing how to properly fertilize and care for them will help them to thrive in your pond.

Fertilizing a Water Lily

Once the pads of your water lily reach the surface of the water, begin fertilizing it to promote strong and healthy flowers. To get the most blossoms, feed the plants every 10 days.

Purchase aquatic plant fertilizer for your water lilies. Press one aquatic plant tab in a 1-gallon pot and 2 tabs in a 2-gallon pot.

You should feed the water lilies until the days start to shorten in October. Allow the plants to go dormant in the winter, and begin the fertilization again in the spring when the pads reach the surface of the water. This routine will ensure that you have beautiful water lilies all summer long.